Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Conversation Between Archive Volunteers

The Glasgow Miracle Project has sadly come to an end. To mark the occasion during our last meeting I recorded a discussion with the other volunteers and coordinator from the project about the roles we each undertook and our experience of volunteering.

Speakers in order of appearance;

  • Jocelyn Grant: Archive Assistant responsible for cataloguing the Cordelia Oliver and George Oliver Archives. Provides the introduction to the session.
  • Carrie Skinner: The Project Coordinator
  • Nicola Stapinski: Project Archive Assistant with the CCA Films
  • Annie Crabtree: Ross Sinclair's Video Editor and Archive Assistant for the Glasgow Miracle Interviews
  • Cedric Tai: Research Volunteer for Third Eye Archive.
  • Nick Thomas: Research Volunteer for Third Eye Archive. Primarily the Moving Image Archive.
  • Collette Rayner: Project Archive Assistant with the CCA Films. Unfortunately unable to attend.

This recording is a free-flowing discussion around each volunteer's experience of this project; some interesting issues surrounding the ethics of volunteering; the realities of archiving practise and the differences in each role.

The Glasgow Miracle - Volunteer Discussion