Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Much has been done, but there is still much more to do

Things have been quite recently on the blog due to fervid activity on other outputs of the project, but today as I finished the indexing on box one hundred and three out of one hundred and three it felt like the right moment to reflect on some of the projects milestones and developments as we approach its halfway point in September.

What We Have Done, WhatWe are About to Do, opened just two weeks ago to a busy and curious crowd many of whom have been able to identify characters and events in the archive footage currently on display, helping us build on our research and understanding of the Third Eye Centre’s history.  While we make plans for a series of workshop days on various aspects of the archive as it relates to contemporary art to follow the exhibition, the artists occupying the Project Gallery are continuing to develop and add to their works in the space and we’re looking forward to some contributions to the blog from some of them soon.

September and October will bring a new team of helpful hands to assist the indexing of the George and Cordelia Oliver Collection at the Glasgow School of Art as well as the administrative, audio and visual archive material produced from 1990 onwards when the Third Eye Centre became the Centre for Contemporary Arts.

Much has been done, but there is still much more to do.