Tuesday, 3 July 2012

third eye video tapes

Tom McGrath was as good as his word. Shortly after returning from the Netherlands a video camera was purchased and recording began almost immediately. One early tape documents a walk around the potential site for the new arts centre - at that time a closed down and empty space. By luck, a mirror in the foyer catches McGrath filming and his wife, who carried the power pack for the camera (portable was defined slightly differently in the early days of video).

Throughout the 1970s the camera was used to document various activities in the art spaces  - both the Blythswood Square Arts Council Gallery and, more extensively, the Third Eye Centre in Sauchiehall Street. Given the social and community interests that lay at the heart of the Centre's activities, there is also substantial footage of life in the city that now may have historical and social value.

The tapes were eventually handed to Scottish Screen by Jak Milroy and later placed in the care of Malcolm Dickson at Street Level Photoworks. The AHRC award to GSA has provided funds for their digitisation which is now complete under the supervision of Rewind in Dundee.

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