Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Community Spirit

The 1979 exhibition on St. John Ogilvie was the first in a series of documentary exhibitions and related publications produced by the Third Eye Centre on famous men and women in Glasgow’s history.   The exhibition concentrated on the life and times of the Scottish Saint and included reproduction documents, maps, models and portraits of key figures that featured in his life and subsequent canonisation in 1976. 

The exhibition involved contributions from local institutions including Aloysius College, The Mitchell Library and the Scottish Catholic Archives and produced an ambitious publication which included the first bibliography on Ogilvie.  

The archive material reveals that this exhibition was prepared and treated in the same way as any visual arts exhibition or event at the Third Eye Centre, and the breadth of participants communicated to in the files of correspondence highlight the curatorial vision of the Centre to engage with and educate social communities beyond visual art.  

Image from Irish Weekly and Ulster Examiner Vol. XCV No. 3092

The CCA now has an official Education and Outreach programme which takes an alternative approach  to working with people in Glasgow with initiatives such as ‘This Land is Your Land’Other Third Eye Centre  files recently cataloged  document the preparation of a similar gardening and allotment project called  ‘Dear Green Place’ as well as  ‘Garnethill Exhibition’ and ‘Modernisation by Inches’  which  observed and discussed Glasgow’s urban planning and communities.  All early evidence of  green shoots for the Third Eye Centre and CCA’s spirit for community investment and engagement. 

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